The Crew & Characters 

My posts include a reoccurring cast of characters. Hiking buddies, climbing crew, casusual adventurers–it takes a special kind of crazy to go on an adventure and keep coming back for more! These are people I have come to know and love through a shared passion for the outdoors, who have made the world better just by being a part of it, and who I would (and do!) trust with my life.

Take a moment to get to know these amazing people! Want to be featured? Then let’s go hiking!

Updated: December 2017

  • Aaron N.

Even though we both grew up on island, our paths didn’t cross until a mutual friend introduced us for some career networking. A friendship grew and we became closer confidants until deciding to take the plunge as more permanent adventure partners. Aaron is my rock and is quickly catching the hiking bug, always eager to learn about new trails and adventures.

Aaron at the Green River.

  • Chuck T.

I met Chuck in my orientation class (his first week of DOC Academy). Chuck knows the Olympics like the back of his hand, loves to get outdoors, and has a strong sense of humor that keeps us all laughing on the drive to and from trailheads. His sense of adventure is well balanced by his concern for the wellbeing of his crew.

Chuck in the North Cascades on an attempt for Vesper Peak.

  • Emiliesa “Em” H.

My little sister who has grown up to be one my very best of friends. From trail runs to long hikes, she’s a wonderful travel companion and adventure buddy who calls me out when I need it and celebrates my victories, big and small.

 Em at Rocky Brook Falls; Em fishing in Yakutat, AK.

  • Harley

His only complaint seems to be when I leave him behind. Love this furball!

 Harley and me at Clifty Creek in Missouri.

  • Josh A.

A resume of travel, time spent in scouts, and plenty of hikes with friends has resulted in a vast supply of brainbits that keep me intrugued each time he busts out a new anecdote or bit of knowledge. Although at times I know he’d rather be riding his motorcycle, Josh doesn’t hesitate to come find a new trail and to push each other to train harder for the bigger ones. 

 Josh at Marymere Falls, Olympic Peninsula.

  • Matt K.

Matt and I met through ski patrol and our friendship has always revolved around getting outdoors, whether that’s been long walks around Seattle to skiing in the mountains. I hold Matt in high regard for his dedication and experience with Search and Rescue, the Mountaineers, and of course his many contributions to ski patrol. He’s always ready to share (and cook!) a good meal, be a listening ear, or help me stay grounded when life gets tough.

 Matt skiing back down to Paradise, MRNP.

  • Patrik “The Photographer” B.

Patrik and I met through the Washington Hikers and Climbers’ Facebook group. He was newly relocated from California and his experience and humor showed through in his introductory messages. From driving around the entire Olympic Penninsula in a day to not turning back from consecutive hikes, he’s a great hiking partner. His amazing photographs are always a treat and are eagerly anticipated after each adventure.

 Patrik at Gold Creek Pond; at Beaver Falls on the Olympic Peninsula.  

  • Sara T.

When I started working in Tacoma, I didn’t realize that my office-neighbor would soon become a dear friend and fellow adventurer. Sara has a wealth of knowledge from growing up in the area and spending time at Elk Camp, and she brings an infectious enthusiasm to our hikes. I can send a vague message about hiking on a certain day and without knowing the details, she’s already replying that she’s ready to go!

 Sara coming out of the Ape Cave in Gifford Pinchot National Forest. 

  • Taylor “Mountain Goat” G.

Taylor was also in DOC Acadamy when Chuck came through. He caught my attention when he shared that his goal was to summit Everest. Little did I know that this amazing mountaineer would change my entire outlook on hiking when he nudged me to try for Camp Muir and then announced (to my complete surprise) that I had what it takes to make the summit–now a goal I hope to one day fulfill. If you see Taylor running up Mt. Ellinor or breaking during a hike to free climb a rock wall, you’ll immediately understand how “MG” earned his Mountain Goat moniker.

 Taylor descending to Paradise from a Camp Muir climb, MRNP.

  • Craig B.

My brother who is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to outdoor equipment and gear. Whether he’s climbing or skiing, he does it with an absolute passion!

 Craig climbing in Central Washington.

  • Effran D.

A friend near and dear to my heart. No roadtrip is complete without deep talks, rich laughter, and at least some attempt to change the world. Effran brings all of these and more, and I’m excited to have him taking a growing interest in hiking!

 Effran at Silver Falls State Park, OR

  • Justin H.

Yes, you can still be friends with your ex. Even though we didn’t work out married, we continue to share an interest in travel and exploring new places when our paths manage to cross. Whether sharing stories of our separate adventures or joining forces for a new one, there are plenty of good times to be had.

 Justin kayaking in Kauai, HI.

  • Nick D.

After beating each other up in DOC Academy, we began comparing notes on different trails and mountains. If he had his way, my Subaru would have a rooftop tent, a pop-out kitchen, and probably a retractable moat complete with alligators. He’s the kind of friend who pretends to give you a hard time then offers a hand to get you through the real stuff.

 Nick at Mason Lake.

  • Rose C.

I was introduced to Rose through Sara, and I immediately liked her attitude, humor, and a bluntness that matches my own. Also an amazing photographer and hiker enthusiast, it’s only a matter of time before she’s at crew status.

 Rose in the Hoh Rainforest; Rose on the Olympic Coast. 

  • Rose H.

A close friend to the point of being another sister, Rose and I have been close since high school and have a knack for always picking up where we left off, no matter how much time goes by. From traveling to relaxing to sharing an adventure, she is a wonderful friend and confidant.