Scrambling Instructor

“Well, maybe I’ll help out with one class,” I thought way back when I saw Tom’s email recruiting former Scramble students to be instructors for this year’s class.

Famous last words.

It was great to be in the classroom with everyone and getting a refresher on the skills I learned last year, especially as these are mandatory for the basic climbing course I’m taking this year. The value was two-fold and each time I showed back up at a class, I realized how much I was learning as I imparted my knowledge. It has been a blast!

On their first snow Field Trip, I started out in as much of a background role as I could, then before long I was demonstrating ice axe arrests and coaching participants on skills I didn’t even know I remembered. It was a beautiful day, a ton of fun, and has already paid dividends in my own training and learning.

Heading up to Alta Vista for “class.”

Ice axe arrest training and practice.

A brief delay for a first aid event (don’t worry, it ended up being very superficial but needed lots of protection from the high impact activities).

Snow travel and photo ops, of course!

Using multiple methods to descend back to the parking lot…

And finally, a successful return to the parking lot!

It’s amazing how wonderful it feels to test yourself by helping to teach others, by giving back, and by being a part of such a wonderful community. I love being a member of the Olympia Mountaineers more and more every day! Can’t wait for Snow Field Trip #2!

To follow our trail…

Olympia Mountaineers

Alta Vista @ Mt. Rainier National Park


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