Winter Recap

Had a bit of a writing hiatus over the winter but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t out adventuring! Here’s a quick overview of what’s been happening in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

November 18: Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) class that I helped Daryl R. lead completes their final exams. Exciting to welcome a new batch of ski patrollers!

November 25: Emily H., Aaron N, Saxon dog, Harley dog and me visit Fort Flagler for a fun beach day and exploration of the fort.

December 17: After helping teach a makeup OEC class, Matt K. invites me for a quick hike to the West Tiger #3 Summit. Up in daylight and down with headlamps and a great leg stretch.

January 28: Aaron N., Matt K. and Harley join me for my second Jayme Biendl 5k in Monroe. Harley was quite a trooper!

February 11: preparing for the rigors of the Mountaineers climbing class, Brad A., Janine G. and I head up Mailbox Old Trail. The delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) reminds me that I have to step up my conditioning game.

February 12-15: Dianne L. and I explore the Tri-Cities while on a week long teaching assignment at Coyote Ridge Correctional Center.

February 18: Aaron N. drags me out of bed unreasonably early to drive to Hoquiam for a 5k Memorial Run for the recently fallen Pierce County Deputy McCartney. It’s a wonderful run in honor of a fallen brother in blue and I set a personal best of a 9:30 pace.

February 24: I sign up for a Conditioner hike for class and do much better than on Mailbox. After the hike, I get recruited by hike leader Paul K. to begin my mentorship process of becoming a hike leader for the Olympia Mountaineers.

March 2: I set off on a trail run and achieve my personal goal of sustained running for one hour.

It’s been quite a winter. And the best is yet to come!


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