Alki for Seafair and SUP

Although there is an official kickoff to Seafair, for me it always begins when the Seafair Pirates land at Alki. If you are unfamiliar, Seafair is a summer festival in Seattle that lasts for 10 weeks and includes numerous events (75, according to their website). As a ski patroller, I have had the privilege of volunteering as a first responder at numerous venues over the years, and as a local, I love how many events there are that draw us outside, often to the waters’ edge. There are runs, triathalons, parades, the huge hydroplane race and airshow weekend, and of course, the landing of the pirates at Alki.

 Posing with a Coast Guard mascot during Seafair.

My friend Rose H. and I got there too late for the actual landing, but we spent hours people watching, walking the beach, and watching the pirates’ antics. The atmosphere was festive and there were people all over the area swimming, kayaking, playing beach volleyball, and admiring the gorgeous views of downtown Seattle across the bay. 

What we looked forward to the most, however, was going Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) that evening. Rose has done it numerous times and I was both nervous and excited to give it a try. We rented from Alki Kayak Tours for $20 for the hour and set out into the water. I loved it! I’ve heard that SUP is a core workout and I definitly see why. Between thighs and abdominal muscles needing to engage to keep balance, shoulders and arms are at work paddling, and jumping up and down takes all kinds of attention and movement. I’ll admit that I fell in once, but getting back on the board was much easier than I thought it would be. Although by no means an expert, I highly recommend that anyone considering trying it go and do it. And if you hesitate because it looks too hard, you’ll never know until you try! Personally, I know I have a lot to learn and a lot more falls and swims in my future, but I still can’t wait to get back out there and go again!

To follow our trail…

Seafair Pirates
Alki Beach
Alki Kayak Tours


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