Spring Tulips

Even though yours truly has had to take it easy for a few weeks, there is still plenty to see and do in the Pacific Northwest in springtime. Having seen photos of the Tulip Festival in Skagit County every year but not having been since childhood, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to go. 

One of the main show-garden farms is RoozenGarde which allows visitors to walk around display gardens and several large fields of tulips. Of course it draws a lot of tourists and can be very crowded, so not an idealistic quiet escape by any means. However, if you arrive early and head out to the farthest fields, it is easier to avoid the crowds and find some peace and quiet to admire the spectacular colors from. 

While admiring the beautiful blooms, it was impossible to ignore the small mountains dotting the background. A quick google map search provided the identity of at least one hill: Little Mountain. The top was accessible by road or a network of hiking trails and we took a short trip over to get a different perspective on the tulips. 

Tulip fields are in center-right of the photo.

It was difficult to be so close to so many hikes and adventures and have to limit ourselves to just a short, low-impact destination. However, the joy of loving the outdoors is how it doesn’t have to be something extreme every time. Sometimes just getting out and taking a short jaunt around the tulips can be the much needed balm for the soul. 

To follow our trail:

Roosen Garde
Little Mountain Park


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