South Carolina Wildlife

Talking about South Carolina and especially Charleston and the coast, it is easy to think about the beautiful samd dunes, beaches, and the warm ocean waters. Of course, this is part of the draw for me coming here. Having had less sunny days in Seattle this winter than I can count on one hand, it was high time for sunlight and healthy doses of Vitamin D. However, as I’ve shared before, taking time to explore a new place by foot, especially out in nature, is an amazing way to learn and experience more about the place you are visiting. When Sara T. and I saw that the weather forecast for our first few days in the Charleston area was overcast and scattered rain showers, we decided to take advantage of the non-beach weather to take a small road trip up the coast and stop for a hike along the way. Our chosen destination: Huntington Beach State Park.

There were three advertised short walks/hikes at the park. One was a boardwalk out into the wetlands, one was a path to a vast spanse of protected beach, and another was a trail through the trees to a large pond. We opted for all three.

I think the highlight for me was the boardwalk, causeway, and maintained paths around the marshy areas. While I’m usually more of a fan of getting out and away from the heavily trafficked areas, in this case the construction served its purpose of helping us to get close to local wildlife. Between the pelican fly-by and the large alligator sunning itself on the island, we were treated to a variety of the local wildlife in a well preserved and protected environment.

The remainder of our day involved visiting a few sites along the coast, eating fresh local seafood on the dock where the very boat that caught and brought in said seafood was docked, and running a few errands as we made our way back down to my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner. Getting to get out into nature was the perfect balance to the busy tourist stops we also made during the day. A great adventure day!

To follow our trail…

Huntington Beach State Park


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