Greetings From SC!

After counting down the long, dreary winter days, Sara and I are finally on vacation in the vicinity of Charleston, South Carolina! My aunt and uncle have been inviting me to come out to visit them for over a decade, and with the help of this great adventure friend, it has finally happened!

I anticipate the next several posts to be more outdoor adventure specific as we have several activities planned while we are here. However, I couldn’t just throw those on here without offering the context of where we are. So far the first days have been acclimating, indulging in way too much delicious local cuisine, and spending time with my family. In between, we’ve started seeing the sights and doing reconnaissance on where this trip will take us.

Here are a few photos, stay tuned for more (and several adventures)!

To follow our trail…

Fort Moultrie

Sullivan’s Island

Tavern & Table (Restaurant)

Cove Inlet


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